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Software Development Services

At Algomedi we do complete high-tech custom or business-line software development & mobile development taking charge of both the business logic residing on the server as well as the user experience when accessing the software through all of the browsers. 


(PWA)Progressive web apps provide an installable, app-like experience on desktop and mobile that are built and delivered directly via the web. They're web apps that are fast and reliable. And most importantly, they're web apps that work in any browser. If you're building a web app today, you're already on the path towards building a progressive web app: Angular, Reactjs, Vuejs, NextJs, Nodejs, Razor Pages, Blazor, .NET Core, .NET,  ASP .NET Core, MVC, RESTful, Microservices, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS and RXJS.

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Software Consultancy

We offer architecture and architectural services to up-to-date, reusable and quality software development. Architecture should provide to increase quality, deliver the product on time, collectivity among the stakeholders and allocated the number of resources minimized. Hence, we develop backend, frontend and infrastructure creators tools with specified technology, and provide installation, support, project and high-level documentation services.

Also, Algomedi software consultancy has proven success in distributed systems and cloud computing.

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

Data & Network Security

Possessing large IT infrastructures and vast amounts of stored personal data, organizations in the healthcare sector are a common target for cybercriminals. Possessing large IT infrastructures and vast amounts of stored personal data, organizations in the IT sector are a common target for cybercriminals. 


Common cybersecurity challenges in the IT sector include: •Protecting large, often antiquated IT estates •Juggling conflicts between service efficiency and person confidentiality • Keeping up with continuous workplace digitization •Working with limited public funding and competing IT priorities  • Educating staff about cybersecurity risks.

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Cloud Computing 

Develop, test and deploy at lightning-speed with cloud application development. We provide increased agility and flexibility with cloud-based applications using AWS and Azure. We use a wide range of cloud computing services including Serverless Functions and Containers to make your applications secure, scalable, fast, and future-ready.

Big Data Environments

Algomedi supports businesses in achieving fact-based decision-making by converting their offline and real-time big data into actionable insights. Our software engineering services make the raw data and the environment ready, as well as strengthen the business with advanced analytics capabilities.

Some of the tools we are authorized: Spark, Spark Streaming, Impala Kudu, Presto, ETL processes, etc.

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Also, Algomedi Technologies aims to support healthcare organizations (such as health safety notifications) with security and active decision support services by using IoT, artificial intelligence, deep learning, chatbot algorithms with integrated software and medical device integrations. It aims to support health institutions (such as to meet international standards.

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