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Asset Tracking and Inventory Management System


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RFID Asset Tracking and Inventory Management System

Asset Tracking Management System; It provides the tracking of fixed assets such as materials, devices and equipment with a hybrid system using RFID, Barcode and DataMatrix technologies. It automatically tracks asset movements with fixed reading points, which carries out location-based transfer of assets (device, equipment, machinery, vehicle, etc.), and debited assets. Example: assets entering/exiting the production line in industrial companies (parts, etc.), assets entering and exiting the operating room in health institutions (tools, drugs, etc.). And with mobile RFID readers, is an application that reduces the inventory counting process to the order of seconds compared to traditional methods. It provides controllability of all inventory management and tracking processes by reporting in detail and in real-time.

•  Inventory counting, maintenance, repair and calibration processes of assets are carried out on a single platform by supporting DataMatrix, Barcode, RFID technologies, and it has a structure that can be integrated with other systems within the customer. It will be available throughout the transition period for organizations that are currently counting assets using barcode labels. Thus, it will be a scalable solution in terms of project cost for all organizations of different sizes.

•  Our system, which will provide both savings and speed in asset tracking, provides a solution to the asset management problems experienced by companies (incorrect location, undercounting, expired assets, maintenance and calibration of expired assets, etc.). It is a solution that can record all movements of assets (waste, scrap warehouse, different facilities, etc.) as they enter the facility and leave the facility.

•  The system; offers a holistic solution with its integrated web application, desktop application and mobile application. Due to its PWA (Progressive Web App) structure, it has been developed to be compatible with Computer, Tablet and Phone screens.

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