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Product Verification and Secure Marketing System

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Welcome to the "ProdSecure"

Product Verification and Secure Marketing System

The application allows manufacturers to verify their products via mobile devices, to check whether the product is their own production or not.

Customers who can verify the product with multiple verification methods such as created security codes, (QRCode) data matrix, and secondary ID, can be sure that they are not purchasing an imitation product or counterfeit product that directly concerns health and safety.

In addition, it has been ensured that the manufacturer can detect and prevent all kinds of material and moral problems that may arise from purchasing imitation or counterfeit products.

Manufacturers can manage the customer's campaign, promotion and order history through their own management panel.

Customers can be informed about all campaigns and new promotions with instant notifications via mobile devices. Thus manufacturers could be able to collect their orders from their mobile devices in a more economical and efficient way according to their needs.

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