Software Development Services

Algomedi software engineering team, specialized in safe and scalable development, guarantees your project’s success. Our applications are reliable, easy to maintain and with a high availability.

Modern, responsive and pwa enabled Web Applications

At Algomedi we do complete high tech web development, taking charge of both the business logic residing on the server as well as the user experience when accessing the software through the all of  browsers. Progressive web apps (pwa) provide an installable, app-like experience on desktop and mobile that are built and delivered directly via the web. They're web apps that are fast and reliable. And most importantly, they're web apps that work in any browser. If you're building a web app today, you're already on the path towards building a progressive web app: Angular 8

Backend development & Custom Development

Our software engineering team, specialized in safe and scalable backend development, guarantees your project’s success. Our applications are reliable, easy to maintain and with a high availability. We work with languages that have big market penetration, with an active community and great support, which also allows us to use the two biggest programming paradigms, object oriented and functional: .NET, Dotnet Core, JS, Restful, Web Api, Microservice architectures, Oracle PL Sql, Ms Sql Server, Postgresql, MySql, FirebirdSql and Mongo DB.

Cyber security

Network security management (Firewall/IPS /IDS/IPSEC/SSL VPN). Static code analysis with HP Fortify Secure software development management. Software dissemination process management (HP CODAR, Jenkins). Malware analysis data loss prevention(DLP) System is located.  Personal Data Protection Act Process management cryptographic key management.  (Gemalto HSM) Data masking and cryptographic software development management (Keysecure ProtectAPP, Tokenization / Oracle Vault). E-signature, Mobile signature.

Our dynamic algomedi

software framework

We offer architecture and architectural services to up-to-date, reusable and quality software development. An architecture should provide to increase quality, deliver the product on time, collectivity among the stakeholders and allocated number of resources minimized. Hence, we develop backend, frontend and infrastructure creators tools with specified technology, and
provide installation, support, project and documentation services.

Machine learning & deep learning & big data

​We help companies to get their data analytics and data science needs to be fulfilled without them hiring a full-time and expensive data scientist.

  • Convolutional Neural Networks are a special kind of multi-layer neural networks.

  • CNNs are feed-forward networks that can extract topological properties from an input signal.

  • They can recognize patterns with extreme variability.

Mobile development

Algomedi provides a full range of services in the mobile domain. When a business decides to go mobile, we are ready to help.

  • iPhone 

  • Android 

  • WinPhone

  • Web

Chat Bot (WhatsApp Business, Skype etc..)

Chatbots provide a chat environment in which users communicate as if they communicate with a person via digital messaging, via Whatsapp Business, Sype, Facebook Massenger or via specialized mobile applications. They are chat robots that are used for various purposes such as getting information on a subject and making transactions. Using a chatbot, it is possible to order pizza, buy movie tickets, check in for a flight, learn account balance, inquire payroll information from human resources or get annual leave.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence technologies have revived the interest in Chatbots in both the private and the public sector.

Nearshore & Offshore Software Development Outsourcing

Algomedi software provides all the roles needed to complete the team you require. This team is typically composed by a PM, SW developers and QA engineers

All our team members are 100% bilingual and have 8+ years of experience in their field. 

Our expert Full Dedicated Teams work swiftly in sprints to efficiently. Our teams have strong software paradigms & work methods.

Target Sectors & Some Projects We Realize

  • Algomedi Software Infrastructure Project.

  • Software Consultancy

  • Software Development Services

  • Nearshore & Offshore Software Development Outsourcing

  • Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)

  • Custom Software Development to Customer Needs. 

  • Pediatric Wearable Device Design and Vital Values Tracking System of Pediatric Patients.

  • Fraud and Curse Detection on Conversational System. (Chatbots)

  • WhatsApp-Business Projects

  • Polyclinics active decision support system.

  • Hospital Central Sterilization Unit, Medical Instruments Monitoring Project.

  • Ontology-based Remote Pediatric Consultation.

  • Medical device integrations and device simulation applications.

  • RFID Projects.

  • AI, Big Data

  • Calculation of incentives, commissions and progress payment systems. (Those with dealership structure, banks, technician incentive system, call centres who want to measure)

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